Fruitcoins is your window intro the world of cryptocurrencies.

The complete platform to explore the world cryptocurrencies

Are you a professional or a beginner in the world of cryptocurrencies? Fruitcoins is here to offer you an immersive and complete experience, providing you with a light and simple tool that will allow you to explore and understand the vast universe of cryptocurrencies.

Our platform gives you direct access to over 40,000 cryptocurrencies from different blockchains, allowing you to view detailed information about each one. Whether you are looking for a general overview of the market or specific information on a particular cryptocurrency, Fruitcoins is here for you.

With Fruitcoins, you can easily query different blockchains and find out the latest news, price charts, market capitalization, trading volume and many other key information. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface will allow you to navigate easily through the different cryptocurrencies and monitor their performance over time.

We understand that cryptocurrencies may seem complex, but our mission is to simplify your journey. Whether you are an industry expert or a newbie, Fruitcoins offers the resources you need to make informed decisions. We are here to provide you with reliable tools that will help you better understand the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market.


The lists of the platform is divided into several simple sectors, you can view over 40,000 cryptocurrencies, over 250 Exchanges (Dex-Cex) and much more...


Fruitcoins directly queries different blockchains by saving them in its database. In addition to the data produced by the Exchanges, you will find all the transactions of smart contracts.


The system will display 2 different lightweight charts with different options for traders, and very easy to read even for beginners.


Are you viewing your favorite cryptocurrency? The platform will move you to the most suitable decentralized exchange for the pair and blockchain used.


The system integrates Chatgpt's artificial intelligence modified to help users find great projects.

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